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Dear Investor,

Looking to build long-term wealth consistently from the stock market? This letter is for you.

Frustrated with your "too busy" and expensive financial adviser? This letter is for you.

Do you consider yourself yourself an investor, not a speculator? This letter is for you.

In the next couple of minutes, we are going to help you with a solution to generate market-beating returns and build a solid wealth-creating stock portfolio.

Because we know, you deserve it.

You as an investor deserve MORE.

You deserve utmost honesty.

You deserve transparency.

You deserve high quality.

And above all, you deserve double or even triple digit portfolio returns. (And it is possible…only if you know where to invest!)

Imagine yourself, relaxed, free from worries, sitting on that rocking chair and reading your favorite novel, going on an Europe vacation tour with your colleagues, celebrating your son's admission to Harvard or just sailing in that boat you bought recently…

All this CAN be possible. It might be a dream now. But it can become your reality.

…through smart investing in the stock market.

Or let's be more specific, by investing in the right equity.

(Thousands of others, like you, are already doing it, trust us.)

For instance, Activision Blizzard Inc. gained over 350 percent in total over the last 5 years. If you had invested $100,000 in the company, it would have become $450,000 today.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. returned over 200 percent in total over the same timeframe. If you had invested $100,000 in the company, it would have become $300,000 today.

Lam Research Corp. returned over 250 percent in total since 2012. If you had invested $100,000 in the company, it would have become $350,000 today.

So you see — while we don't condone risky speculation, we do believe that smart and effective equity investing can make you wealthy, seriously."

But, it depends on one simple condition – choosing the RIGHT stocks to invest in.

Then again, you are just an ordinary investor.

You have a family.

You have a day job.

You have a life, after all.

You wouldn't want to waste it on going through thousands of financial journals or crunching numbers in your calculator? BORING and USELESS.

"Why not hire someone else to do the heavy chore for you?"

But who?

With unscrupulous stock advisory services, seeking hidden commissions from the stock companies…

With new so-called financial "experts" without any significant market experience to show for, popping up every day…

With appalling lack of serious quality behind investment research, can you really depend on anyone?

It's your hard-earned savings after all. You don't want to lose it just because some regular Joe comes along and tell you to invest in a XYZ stock, right?

Why not try iEquityInvestor instead?

Let us introduce ourselves first.

We are not any broker or investment adviser or even a registered company, for that matter.

iEquityInvestor comprises of a small, independent group of four competent financial analysts who love to invest in their OWN stock recommendations.

Our total experience comes to about a whopping 40 years, with one of our analysts holding the highly-coveted CFA designation and another one a MBA degree from one of the premiere institutions in Europe. Over the last 10+ years, we have gone through repeated trials and errors and have developed our own 7-point matrix to come up with well-researched and timely stock investment ideas. The whole system is time-tested and proven to a certain extent, as the inherent unpredictability of the market allows for.

Just in case you are curious, our portfolio recommendations have outperformed the S & P 500 Index by a HUGE MARGIN of 57.66 Percent in the last 10+ years.

But frankly speaking, we don't do it for anyone else. We are doing it for ourselves. We like to consider ourselves as Investors...and nothing else.

And as you can probably understand, we just cannot afford to err (we got to hit home runs at least 8 out of 10 times!). Because…

Heck, we are investing in them ourselves, for God's sake!

What we normally do is…

We individually cover various sectors to see if there is any viable moneymaking opportunity available or not.

We go for value stocks mainly, testing each one of them through qualitative and quantitative parameters as per our unique 7-point matrix system.

We zero in on potentially the most promising stock with high growth potential that passes all our tests with flying colors!

Throughout this process, we usually come up with various research reports, useful commentaries and stock ideas.


If you want in on our stock research and investment ideas notes, you are more than welcome.

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Timely and actionable equity investing ideas.

Regular performance updates.

And perhaps, even more.

Great, right?

Become a member of our e-newsletter today, and avail of ALL these goodies that are to come soon.

This unique e-newsletter is focused on everyone who follows the Buffet style of Investing.

Are you a Value Investor? This is what you have been looking for.

And please do remember, we are not trying to profit from this at all. And please know upfront—this is not any form of investment advisory service.

It's simple: We research and we invest.

Want to pick the brain of a bunch of crazy value investors who have been beating the market for the last 10+ years?

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